Jesus Alexandre is an artist hailing from Michoacan, Mexico, who began his first participatory theatrical creations in his hometown of Uruapan 22 years ago. Alexandre's work is typically designed for community members and volunteers to engage in a pre-planned artistic experience. These experiences are orchestrated in real-time during the event, guided by the artist  and the group's dynamics, and are ultimately captured through photographic art. The artist has also created a special performative act entitled 'Into the Light' to provide the audience with a deeper understanding of the ancestral celebration known as the Day of the Dead that receantly was globally promoted by animated movie.

Calaveritas de Europa

An experience beyond cultural borders

"With the help of friends and art enthusiasts, in 2017, the artist traveled to several cities in Europe as part of his study to improve his technique in creating this photographic art that resembles oil paintings but with an aesthetic subtle twist."

Day of the Dead Origins

An ancestral and cosmic concept to celebrate life that has trascended centuries

There is much left unexplored in the history of this Mexican tradition. This artistic interpretation aims to raise awareness and spark the curiosity of the world.

Into the Light

live performance/talk  to feel an ancestral tradition

Tallinn, Estonia by Jesus Alexandre

This is a truly special presentation, where the artist will take you on a journey to experience the mysterious essence of this Mexican tradition that celebrates life. Reserve your seats now, as this is a limited-space event.