DoD Origins

Day of the Dead, Origins.

In 2012, the artist embarked on a new direction in his exploration, turning his attention to the study of the most representative celebration among Mexicans. The festival of Souls, known worldwide as "Day of the Dead," is a tradition that now holds a prominent national presence. However, during a long period in history prior to the advent of social media, it remained deeply rooted and beautifully depicted in the state of Michoacán, with a particular significance on the island of Janitzio and in some villages along the shores of Lake Patzcuaro. This collection invites us to delve into the ancestral concepts and the evolutionary journey that this tradition has undergone, through the visual narrative that Alexandre presents in his works

#1 Prayer
#2 The Cosmic Game
#3 The Time of Silence
#4 Un Lugar Lleno de Vida.
#5 Esto es Vida
#5 Esto es Vida