Calaveritas Europe

Starting in the year 2015, Alexandre's work focused directly on the study and evolution of the "catrina" concept. This visual concept was coined and formalized for the first time in history by the ingenuity of a Mexican engraver and caricaturist named José Guadalupe Posada in 1912. Since then, it has become an iconic symbol of modern Mexican culture.

In his work, Alexandre goes beyond the Mexican "catrina", allowing the artist to share a dynamic and culturally enriching experience through the universal concept of the skull. This approach is not limited solely to Mexican culture but extends to every human being, regardless of their nation, religion, gender, race, or social status. So, with the help of friends and enthusiasts, in 2017 the artist traveled to several cities in Europe as part of his study to improve his technique in creating this meaningful photographic art that resembles oil paintings with a unique surrealistic twist.

#1 An Extraordinary Picnic.
#2 Ofrenda en Amsterdam
#3 Ofrenda en Viena
#4 Ofrenda en Berlín
#5 Ofrenda en Galicia
#6 Lineage
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